Paul Randall, Steel Business Briefing North America Inc.

The team at garvey & garvey was very good at anticipating our needs and responding to them. As we did not have local knowledge, we relied heavily on garvey & garvey. We were quickly able to build up confidence in them and this enabled us to concentrate on developing other areas of the business. We have not had experience of other firms in the USA but were conscious that it is important to get a solid firm supporting us. We have found this difficult in other parts of the world. Our experience with garvey & garvey reinforced the importance of a having a skilled and knowledgeable firm of accountants supporting us. garvey & garvey provided a consistently reliable service. They were available to quickly respond to queries. And they communicated in a way that could be understood by someone from a non-financial background. Another positive is that we got a service that was tailored to our needs and garvey & garvey was flexible to adapt this as our business changed.

I would have no hesitation in recommending garvey & garvey.